Environmental policy

Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR”, being one of the largest electrotechnical company of the Russian Federation, is conscious of the need of preservation of the favorable environment for the present and next generations.

Management of the company, understanding the responsibility to concerned parties, assumes the following liabilities:

to develop, implement and to constantly improve system of ecological management according to requirements of the ISO 14001;

  • to act according to requirements of the Environmental Law of the Russian Federation and other requirements accepted by the company connected with its ecological aspects;
  • to make efficient use of natural resources, to consistently reduce harmful environmental effect;
  • to implement the advanced scientific developments and technologies for the purpose of step-by-step reducing consumption of natural resources, materials and energy in case of the maximum possible production;
  • to carry out modernization of the operating processing equipment taking into account application of modern resource-saving and low-waste technologies;
  • to accept and realize the advanced managerial and production decisions with obligatory accounting of ecological aspects of the planned activities, the production and the rendered services;
  • to carry out periodic informing all interested parties (the public, bodies of the State ecological control bodies of the Russian Federation, etc.) about activity of the company in the field of environmental protection;
  • to provide involvement of all personnel of the company in activities for environmental protection by systematic training and capacity building.

This Policy extends to designing, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of transformers, converter equipment and other products, is a basis for planning and implementation of any kinds of activities, is obligatory for all personnel working in the interest and under the control of Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR”.

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