Development of the design documentation for transformers is carried out by CDD (Chief Designer Department) specialists in accordance with the requirements of the USDD (Unified System for Design Documentation) system standards, as well as the requirements of the enterprise standards. The whole process of product development, from the calculations of the conceptual model of the transformer, to the creation of a virtual design model and the preparation of production drawings and technological preparation on its basis, are coordinated by engineering data management systems: Lotsman: PLM and Windchill. From these systems, automated data transfer to the SAP production management system is organized.

The optimal design is calculated withe the use of modern programs, which are to create a transformer model that meets customer requirements, production economics and minimum operating costs. Mechanical, electrical and thermal calculations of transformers are carried out using specialized software developed by PJSC "VIT":

  • system of design calculations of transformers SAPR-TON,
  • program of overvoltage calculations Volna,
  • program for calculating the dynamic stability of the transformer windings,
  • universal system of finite element calculations ANSYS.

To ensure high accuracy of manufacturing parts and the consistency of assembling the components of the product at the enterprise, three-dimensional design in CREO and Compass-3D systems is widely used.

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