Welding tractor Welding tractor
Multipurpose welding tractors are designed for welding long-length sheet products in horizontal and vertical positions. The direction of movement of the welding tractor along the joint of welded edges is carried out by means of a guide wheel. A small mass (less than 10 kg), a low gravitational center of the tractor and a high force of the magnetic system (30 kgf) ensure stable movement at high speed (up to 1500 mm/min), allowing to obtain a welding seam of a high quality.

Bandsaw machines H-260HB, H-360HA and H-460HBB Bandsaw machines H-260HB, H-360HA and H-460HBB
Bandsaw machines H-260HB, H-360HA and H-460HBB are highly productive hydraulic controlled saws with the option of feeding the material. They are designed for cutting steels (including tool and stainless steel), non-ferrous and light metals.
Advantages: reducing the duration of the technological cycle in the manufacture of parts and blanks from long-length profiled iron, improving the quality of products, reducing the material consumption, replacing equipment that is morally and physically worn out, and automating of manual labour.

Bandsaw machines “Pegas”. Bandsaw machines “Pegas”.

Are intended for cutting profile rolled steel (including tool and stainless steel), non-ferrous and light metals. Cutting of blanks is carried out both by manual and automatic mode based on the program and set by the machine operator.

The introduction of bandsaw machines has made it possible to make a qualitative leap at all stages of the production cycle of manufacturing parts:

  • Adjustment of cutting parameters
    1. High speed of changeover of the equipment for cutting profiles of different types and sizes;
    2. The possibility of programming a machine for cutting a batch of products allows one worker to serve two machines.
  • Cutting
    1. Significant reduction in the production cycle for the manufacture of parts by increasing the cutting speed of long profile rolled products and pipes (compared to Geller saws);
    2. Increasing the productivity of procuring operations through the use of stack-cutting;
    3. Reduction of the duration of process cycle due to the exclusion of machining of the edges of parts and blanks;
    4. Reduction of the metal yield in the chips due to narrowing the cutting width thrice (in comparison with the Geller saws);
    5. Reduction of energy consumption due to small cutting forces, since the width of the blade is only 1.6 - 1.8 mm;
  • Cleaning
    1. Practically no need in cleaning.

Shearing press GEKA Shearing press GEKA

Shearing press GEKA allows to carry out:

  • punching holes of various shapes in a metal sheet, strip, corner, angle bar, beam channel;
  • cutting of an angle bar, sheet, beam channel, rolled metal;
  • trimming the leg of an angle;
  • cutting segments in sheet metal and profile;
  • bending sheet metal and profile at an angle.

On this equipment, it is possible to make complete beam channels, angles with slots and holes. Thus, excluding inter-shop transfer from bandsaw equipment to CNC drilling machines.

Welding technologies of metalware welding by Heinz Soyer Welding technologies of metalware welding by Heinz Soyer
Here we use Heinz Soyer welding technologies, which are the most advanced in this field and are constantly being improved. The introduction of welding technologies of metalware welding from Soyer made it possible to make fastening processes the most efficient and effective in combination with maximum profitability.
This makes it possible to exclude the most labor-consuming and costly processes with alternative fixation fastening processes, such as: drilling of working parts, chamfering, etc. Using Soyer technology, it is possible to instantly weld threaded and non-threaded studs, threaded bushings, anchor bolts, nuts, nails and other fasteners from 1.5 mm to 25 mm in diameter, of various lengths and metalware profiles, to a wide variety of metal working parts and surfaces.
This technology allows you to avoid possible leakages in the places of welding of metalware (studs), reduces the technological cycle and the cost of manufacturing products.

Manufacturing of transformer tanks and their components Manufacturing of transformer tanks and their components
The most modern fleet of semi-automatic welding machines and metal cutting equipment from ESAB, Sweden is used in the manufacture of transformer tanks and component parts in the shop of metal structures to provide the necessary level of strength and tightness of welded metal structures.
The implemented plasma arc cutting equipment SUPRAREX allows to shorten the duration of production of parts, excluding part of the machining and stamping operations due to the higher quality of the cut and the accuracy of the geometric dimensions. This allows you to get directly on the line a finished part with the necessary dimensions, rather than a workpiece with a machining allowance, as it was before.

Rolling press DAVI MCB series Rolling press DAVI MCB series

Rolling press DAVI MCB series are a high-performance 4-roll sheet-bending machine.

The main advantages of the introduction of rollers DAVI are:

  • Significant reduction in the size of the flat edge of the sheet (due to the preliminary bending) due to the presence of a pressure roll that presses the edge of the sheet along the center line.
  • Easier bending of the sheet; The four roller construction requires only one position for each bending roll.
  • The sheet can be completely bent in one pass (with sufficient power) including the preliminary bending of both edges.
  • There is no pre-bending of both edges of the sheet before the start of the main rolling cycle, as required by the three roller construction of the machine.
  • Pre-bending of the end edge of the sheet in automatic mode.
  • No turning and re-inserting operations, as required by the three-roller machine design.
  • The sheet is fed into the machine horizontally and does not tilt, as is the case with the three roller construction.

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