Production of the transformer equipment - the strategic line of the present and future of Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR”. Despite more than century history of the invention electrical machines remain a corner power element of all power grids to the present time. Technical progress makes a constant contribution to improvement of transformers and today the equipment with use of non-standard materials is offered, at the same time the high-voltage oil-filled equipment remains to the most demanded and proved in all power grid of the world.

Two industrial complexes are located at single plant site in Togliatti:
  • Production of 1-3 dimensions (Distribution transformers (3-ph., sealed, ONAN), the voltage class of up to 35 kV);
  • Production of 3-8 dimensions (High-voltage power transformer, the voltage class of 35-500 kV);

Dimensions of transformers

Dimensions Group Capacity range, kVА Voltage class, kV
I 1 Up to 20 Up to and including 35
2 25-100
II 3 160-250
4 400-630
5 1000
III 6 1600-2500
7 4000-6300
IV 8 10 000-32 000
9 over 32 000
V 10 Up to 16 000 110 and 150
11 25 000-32 000
VI 12 40 000-63 000 110 and 150
13 Up to 63 000 220 and 330
VII 14 80 000-200 000 Up to and including 330
15 80 000-200 000 Over 330
16 over 200 000 100 GB
17 It is independent of capacity Over 330
18 High-voltage DC link independent of capacity Over 330
Reactors – the subject, new to plant, is reflected in the product range. Having in many respects single technical processes of designing and production, development of reactors became the logical decision for its production at the enterprise. New reliability and quality requirements of electric power transmission have set the goal of construction of flexible electrical grids (FACTS) which in turn required the creation of products, absolutely unique for the domestic power industry, - the managed shunting reactors of transformer type (MShRT). The plant has undertaken development and production of transformer part of the product. For today in development there is a line of the single-phase and three-phase managed, adjusted and shunting reactors of the voltage class of 110-500 kV.

Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR” combine into the single complex production of separate parts, components, units for the product and provides complete unit as to own program, and has supply capacities of components and spare parts for forming of repair stock in the service and operational companies. It is possible to study the list on the website.

Expanding potential in the market of distributing networks, the enterprise has mastered the production of compact anti-vandal pole-mounted substations.

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