During the period of post-war industrialization and implementation of plans for the development of new areas of Siberia and the Northern regions came up acute question of infrastructure and primarily electrical power for object of oil and gas sectors, industry, railways and related social sphere. The construction of generating plants with the simultaneous development of electrical grids for the transmission and power distribution required reliable power equipment. Commissioning of the specialized plant in Togliatti with full capacity of 30 000 MVA act as Generator of mass production of transformers in the voltage class of 110-220 kV. State-planned economy established the marginal limits. The volume of production came out at 80 units of transformers per month. Knowledge and background of experience have consolidated the laid foundation of industry-specific orientation and determined the course of the further development of the plant. Since 1981 the transformers in the voltage class of 500 kV from perspective transformers have passed into the category of the basic producing equipment. The ninetieth years have made correction to the product range. The plant included transformers in the voltage class of 6, 10, 35 kV in the main range. Since that time the Company completely began to produce all power scale of the established GOST in the voltage class of 750 kV and the export program was added with new designs and construction.

Aa bright page in the development history of plant is the assimilation of production of high-voltage converter equipment. Under the objectives of the state program aimed at increasing the volume of power export to Finland it was built a new production complex at the plant. Converting units produced in the 70s for the rectifier-inverter substation in Vyborg city provides the connection between two asynchronously operating national power grids of Finland and Russia to the present day. DC lines 1065 MW in capacity connects two sides of AC lines in the voltage of 330 and 400 kV and is one of the largest in the world. The recent modernization of the rectifier-inverter substation has not only allowed the power export in the Nordic countries, but also has organized the reverse of flows. The technological progress has identified the converter equipment like a key priority. For example, the static reactive power compensator produced at the plant in the 80s operates today at Moldovan, Belarusian and Far Eastern Iron Works, the Volga pipe works. Replace of synchronous compensator at the substation Novo- Anzherskaya in the voltage of 500 kV held for the static reactive power compensator with the units of thyristor valves produced by Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR”. Manufactured, tested and supplied equipment for the DC line “Ekibastuz-Center”.

At the present moment the company present unified production complex for the production of transformers of general and special purposes: seismic, forcing, high-mountain, for different climate condition in the voltage class of 6, 10, 35, 110,220, 330, 500 kV, 100 - 630 000 kVA in capacity.

The carried-out large-scale upgrade of plant during 2006-2009 and application at development of the latest foreign materials and components have allowed to create designs with an optimum combination: the price - qualities-operating costs. Interest and attention of our key consumers has increased: Rosseti, Rosatom, RusHydro, Russian Railway; the largest vertically-integrated oil and gas companies: Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, TNK, known brands of the national and foreign metallurgical, chemical industry. Traditionally other representatives of construction, agricultural business and civil engineering maintain partnership with the Togliatti plant.

The short-circuit current-resistance tests of the ТРДН-40000/110 transformer (3-phase, with the splitted LV winding, ONAF, with OLTC, ONAF, 40 МВА, 110 кВ) transformer which are carried out in 2013 in the established company KEMA (Czech Republic) have created the unique situation when Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR” was the unique company of the Russian Federation which has passed “crash-test” with positive result.

Today the company moves in upward direction, its plans are also connected with the development vector set 60 years ago, and its style of work reflects a format of modern business.

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