Quality Policy

«The rate of technological changes is rising up vigorously. They who use such technological wave, will move to the great forward. They who can not do it, such wave will sweep them through.
Vladimir Vladimirovich PUTIN

The one of main directions for the leadership is the improvement of the quality management system. Our quality policy is based on concepts of the quality management as follows:

  • Customer orientation
    1. Our main target is to meet customer’s requirements and exceed its expectations, to gain confidence and keep it
  • Leadership
    1. Improvement of the leadership skills of our personnel allows us to meet the most complex challenge.
  • Personnel Collaboration
    1. The improvement of skills and collaboration among the personnel across the whole company has the positive effect on the quality of production supplied.
  • Process approach
    1. Considering our activity as interdependent processes, which are functioning in the coordinated manner, we detect problems arising and solve them efficiently
  • Improvement
    1. Continuous improvement increases our opportunities, allows to respond to changes in internal and external conditions.
  • Decision making based on evidence
    1. We create and maintain monitoring process of organization environment, collection and evaluation of documented information in operating condition to be confident in decisions adopted.
  • Relationship management
    1. We take into account demands of all concerned parties to maintain the business relationship with our partners in good standing.
  • The management of Co.Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR” undertakes obligations for:
    1. assurance compliance with all applied requirements;
    2. provision all required resources for the effective functioning of the quality management system;
    3. continuous improvement of the actual quality management system of the company in conformity with requirements of GOST R ISO 9001
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