Multifunctional CNC machines Multifunctional CNC machines

Multifunctional CNC machines (the project of introducing progressive metal cutting equipment for machining items of OLTC with current-limiting resistor and power transformers using multifunctional CNC machines).

The purpose of the project is the commissioning of multifunctional metalworking CNC machines:

    1. Vertical milling machining center model C30U HERMLE (Germany).
    2. Universal turn-milling machine model SKT210SY, SKT21, GS200S and GA3600 (South Korea).

The most complex parts with a high class of accuracy and with the longest production cycle (turning, milling, drilling, threading) are produced on this equipment.

New equipment allows:

  • to make mechanical processing on cutting-edge cutting modes;
  • to reduce labor intensity (up to 3-5 times) and increase labor productivity in several times;
  • to manufacture items with accuracy of 0, 01 mm and produce turning, milling, boring, drilling holes and threading them from one installation;
  • to turn pre-hardened items without the use of grinding, which makes it possible to manufacture the most complicated items of OLTC with current-limiting resistor with the required accuracy and less labor, significantly improve the quality, improve the reliability of the products.
  • item machining in a 5-coordinate system will also make it possible to produce very complex items (stamps and molds) for the tool shop.

Tyre production machine NAM SUNG nsb 607 Tyre production machine NAM SUNG nsb 607
The equipment is intended for the production of tires made of aluminum or copper. There is a punching press for punching holes in the tires, as well as a bending press for bending the tire with a certain angle in the installation.

Turning CNC machines Goodway Turning CNC machines Goodway
Turning CNC machines Goodway are processing machines on which threading, recessing items of various shapes, working with blanks of various sizes are performed. A feature of the machines is the built-in computer program, which allows to set the machine a certain set of parameters for processing a particular blank. The design of modern CNC machines, as a rule, allows you to combine some types of work: milling and turning, grinding and milling, etc. In addition, CNC machines are additionally equipped with automated systems for loading and unloading items, which is very important in the context of automated production facilities, as well as automatic control panels for convenient and comfortable control of operations.

Chamber furnaces ATYP KNC/V-2100/95 p. LAC Chamber furnaces ATYP KNC/V-2100/95 p. LAC

These furnaces are designed for tempering, artificial aging, heat treatment of metals at temperatures up to 950 °C, controlled uniform heating and cooling.

Chamber furnaces of the type Atype KNC/V - 2100/95 with a protective atmosphere and forced circulation of the internal atmosphere are used for all types of heat treatment, tempering, annealing of BCT(built-in current transformer) cores, artificial aging, preheating, hot junction. Due to the heating element, made in the form of meanders, the service life of heating elements is significantly increased compared to usual ones. Also due to the metal inner muffle, there is not dust liberation during the furnaces operating. This ability of furnaces, as well as the ideal temperature distribution, allows it to be used in the production of BCT cores, especially for the programmed annealing: heating up to max. 850 ° С and gradual cooling to 300 ° С of current transformers cores.


The introduction of this equipment makes it possible to automate the process of annealing the BCT cores, improve the quality of products, increase productivity, raise production culture, increase output, and replace obsolete equipment.

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