Airless spraying installation Airless spraying installation
Airless spraying installation. Currently, modern airless and combined spraying machines of the German company WAGNER, LARIUS (Italy) are used on the finished product coloring area. These devices allow applying LMC evenly with low pulsation, thereby ensuring high color quality and improving the visual environment of the finished product.

DELU air cushions DELU air cushions

DELU air cushions (project of the progressive technology introduction of transport movements on the basis of modular transport platforms on the air cushion of DELU).

The project provides for the replacement of existing intra- and interdepartmental transport and lifting equipment (overhead traveling cranes, interdepartmental trolleys) with hoisting and transport platforms on an air cushion.


  • Reducing of the manufacturing cycle duration of the power transformers assembly.
  • The mechanical effects on the transformer nodes decreased due to the reduction of lifting and transport operations.
  • Reducing of the maintenance costs for existing lifting equipment.
  • Rejection of obsolete equipment for inter-span transfers.

Oil treating stations Oil treating stations
It is used for cleaning transformer oil before pouring. The installation allowed to obtain a low moisture and air content, as well as to protect the oil from mechanical impurities. The installations allow to measure and record all parameters of the oil being filled in real time. Due to the simultaneous possibility of vacuum impregnation, drying, degassing, heating and circulation of the transformer oil, the technological cycle of the final assembly was significantly reduced.

TGO installation of active parts of transformers in solvent vapor TGO installation of active parts of transformers in solvent vapor
It allows to reduce the duration of the drying process of active parts of  transformers in 1,5 ÷ 2,5 times, due to the considerably higher energy flow transmitted by the solvent vapor when condensation on the surface of the active part (drop-and-film condensation) than in heat transfer from the heated walls of the chamber. Condensation of the coolant vapors occurs most intensively at the coldest points, which provides more uniform heating and eliminates the possibility of local overheating of the insulation. Reduction of the intensity of insulation aging in the process of TGO is ensured by the practical absence of oxygen during the heating of the active part, which in its turn increases the average service life of the transformer.

ELPRESS machine tool ELPRESS machine tool
The use of the ELPRESS machine tool using various matrices to perform the operations of forming and crimping a rectangular wire allows it to be used for crimping the terminals of the ends of coils of a rectangular wire for all types of transformers. The introduction of a new technology for connecting rectangular conductors by crimping ELPRESS equipment allowed to move to a better level of assembly of transformers, improved quality, reduced the production cycle duration of the second assembly, and reduced labor intensity.

Vacuum-vapor phase drying chamber MEIER Vacuum-vapor phase drying chamber MEIER
Vacuum- vapor phase drying chamber MEIER. In the manufacturing of distribution transformers, a special hydrotreating oil NYTRO GX11 (Sweden) is used. Before pouring, the oil is processed in the degassing and filtration unit of MEIER, after which it is heated to the required temperature. Drying of the active part of the transformer is carried out by currents of low purity, which ensures maximum removal of moisture from the insulation. The oil is poured under vacuum in the automatic mode at the MEIER equipment.

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