"TYBOLY" machines "TYBOLY" machines

The machines are designed for the manufacture of windings of various designs. Machines are equipped with PC control. Modern, high-performance machines allow us to realize the latest technical and technological solutions, to shorten the time for manufacturing windings twice-thrice.

Manufacture of windings
Manufacture of windings for transformers is carried out on winding machines of firm TUBOLI, Switzerland.
Modern equipment makes it possible to produce qualitatively new transformers with improved characteristics.
The machines are designed for winding of various types (layer, continuous, etc.) of power transformers windings and allow winding with automation of the main operations: constant tightening of the winding wire, performing transitions, etc. All operations are controlled by a computer with data output to the monitor screen. Winding is performed with the usage of  special program tables

Machines for toroidal winding and insulating of BCT (built-in current transformer) Machines for toroidal winding and insulating of BCT (built-in current transformer)
The machines allow the winding of round, rectangular or oval BCT  magnetic cores, and are designed to wind the wire into one, two or more jets (depending on the customer's requirements) and an insulating tape.
The program allows one to make a virtual winding with its visualization on the display of the machine with the subsequent correction of winding parameters. The program automatically adjusts the winding and insulation program, the number of layers and the start step are calculated automatically and displayed. The learning buttons and the control knob allow the operator to improve the winding program at any time. Convenient software ensures easy and simple operation. This model is designed to perform all common operations for winding wires and insulating tape.

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