Monitoring and diagnostic systems

Modern power systems become more and more exacting not only to quality and reliability of the equipment, but also his equipment status. Nowadays it isn't enough that the transformer worked accident free within 30 years. This is considered as regulation for the stable and reputable enterprises.

During times of the intelligent equipment the new working indicators and service functions come to the fore:

  • expanded control of operational parameters;
  • self-diagnostic;
  • convenient (remote) display;
  • information collection and analysis;
  • automatic providing recommendations

It becomes the compulsory condition for operate of the powerful key power centers and creation of the flexible controlled networks (Smart Grid).
At this moment in developments of the transformer equipment by production of Co. Ltd.

“TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR” only the following diagnostics and monitoring systems which are attested in Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy Syste are applied:

1. Humidity and gas content control
    • Morgan Schaffer Systems
      1. Calisto
      2. Calisto 2
      3. Calisto 5
      4. Calisto 9
    • CJSC “Intera”
      1. ИнтеГаз
    • GE Energy
      1. Hydran M2
      2. MINITRANS
      3. TRANSFIX
    • MTE
      1. Hydrocal 1001
      2. Hydrocal 1002
      3. Hydrocal 1003
      4. Hydrocal 1005
    • Qualitrol
      1. Serveron TM1
      2. Serveron TM3
      3. Serveron TM8
    • LumaSense Technologies
      1. Smart 3
      2. Smart 4
      3. Smart 9
2. Insulation conrol
  • Measurement system R1500 (LLC “Dimrus”)
  • Continuous monitor of HV bushings, type of НКВВ (LLC “ASU VEI”)
3. Temperature conditions control
  • microprocessing control device of transformers 509ITM (Qualitrol)
  • T/Guard 408 (Qualitrol), fiber-optic system
  • LumaSMART (LumaSense Technologies), fiber-optic system
4. Integrated test system of technical condition
  • Monitoring and diagnostic systems of technical condition of transformer equipment, LLC “Dimrus”
  • Monitoring and management systems of transformer equipment СУМТО, LLC “ASU VEI”
  • Control and management system, CJSC “Intera”

Monitoring, management and diagnostic systems of transformer equipment, LLC «AS TRANSFO»

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