Rotary carriage and it’s components

Rotary carriage and it’s components
Rotary carriage are designed for movement of power transformer equipment in the longitudinal and cross directions on a straight road when carrying out installation, repair or planned works.

Main element of rotary carriages are the roller group made of round rolled steel of label 45 as per GOST 1050-88 and the load frame made of sheet rolled steel of label 09G2S as per GOST 19281-89. Load from a frame to a roller group is transferred through the axis made of steel of grade 3 as per GOST 535-2005. The axis is covered by zinc coating 9 mcm, chromated or cadmium coating 9 mcm, chromated as per GOST 9.306-85 depending on climatic category. Machining process of parts are included in rotary carriage are completely carried out on the new modern multipurpose equipment with program control at Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR”. Rotary carriages are covered by lacquer coating according to principle of base coat with color under RAL catalog.

Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR” has possibility to produce rotary carriage and it’s components according to individual requirements of the customer.

Rotary carriage are supplied in the special container ensuring their safety including at transporting.

Carriages rotary with a lifting weight of 12, 18, 20, 22, 24, 36, 40, 44 tons are serially produced at the transformer plant in Togliatti since 1962.

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