Oil-lever indicator

Oil-lever indicator
Arrow-type oil-level indicators are designed for indication of the oil-level and closing alarm circuit within maximum and minimum levels in conservator of oil-immersed power transformer, autotransformer for general and special purpose.
There are two design of oil-level indicators:

MC1- for conservator with flexible cover
MC2- for conservator without flexible cover

Needle oil-level indicators of MC1 and MC2 types are produced more than 30 years by Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR”. Joints and parts which are a part of the arrow-type oil-level indicators, from production of the casting, dial plate and other parts up to assembling and testing of the end product are fully produced by Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR”.

All joints and parts which are a part of the oil-level indicators are produced of high-quality materials and processed on the modern multipurpose equipment with program control at Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR”.

In order to improve the quality and satisfaction of market demand Co. Ltd. “TOGLIATTI TRANSFORMATOR” constantly improves a design and expands the range of the produced oil-level indicators.

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